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Dolomites 2020

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Dolomites Summer Photography Tour

8 Days in Middle-Earth

Dolomites Tour 2020

Welcome to the epic mountains of the Italian Dolomites. In the early summer of 2020, Isabella and I will take you to see wildflowers, misty mountains and starry nights high above the clouds. This is a landscape photo tour you will not soon forget.


Seceda, Violet Turme, Lagazuoi, Alpi di Siusi, Lago di Sorapis are included on this tour. Some of which involve daring, 2 hour hikes to reach these fantastic locations and we will be sleeping up there in mountain huts too. Be prepared to go on an adventure with us. If you have any questions concerning the intensity of this tour, feel free to send us a message.

Rest assured that, for the last night, you will be taken to a great 4-star hotel with amenities and a private room.



Vajolet Turme

Vajolet Turme



Lago di Sorapis

Lago di Sorapis

Alpi di Siusi

Alpi di Siusi

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This Tour in a Nutshell

Dates: June 18th to June 25th - Are you the first one to contact us about this tour? Then you can help decide the final dates!

Available Seats: 4/4

Tour Leaders: Daniel Laan & Isabella Tabacchi

Language: English

Price: 3200 EURO (based on dormitory rooms in the rifugios and your own room with a bath on the last day in a 4-star hotel)

Registration Deposit: 800 EURO

Arrival: Marco Polo Airport, Venice, June 18th, no later than 12.00 AM

Departure: Marco Polo Airport, Venice, June 25th, no earlier than 10.00 AM

Included: Two professional landscape photographer guides and all tuition. Post-processing session, transportation between locations and airport shuttle service. Accommodation in dormitory style bedrooms and one night in a four star hotel (single room and bath).

Excluded: Flights to and from Venice Airport and associated costs. Private insurances, taxes, duty and visa fees. Meals not included, nor any personal items including (alcoholic) beverages, snacks, souvenirs and travel insurance.

Why Choose this Tour?

Maximum of 4 Participants

That means maximum personal guidance. Whether it's camera settings or finding better compositions: We are here for you.

Trophy Shots & The Undiscovered

Bringing you to some of the best locations, means that you will get those iconic shots. But we’re teaching you originality as much as you allow us.

Milky Way Photography Included

There is a lot of night photography on this tour. We're putting you in the best spots for capturing the Milky Way!


Payment & Reservation

Either pay all at once or make a deposit to reserve a seat in the tour van. For tours, we accept bank transfers or TransferWise. Click the button saying “Book Now” at the top of this page.

Cancellation and refunds

Unfortunate things can happen to anyone. Therefore we handle a refund policy when you have made reservations for this tour but can’t make it in the end due to whatever the circumstance. Based on the full fee of the tour, we strictly handle this schedule to cover the costs made on our end.

Cancel 60 days before the start of the tour or more: Full refund minus € 200 service charge.
45 days or more: 75% refund
31 days or more: 50% refund
Less than 31 days: No refund

Physical requirements

The dolomites tour is not demanding, but it isn’t a walk in the park either. At most, we will be hiking for two hours to some locations, and you have to carry your gear on your back the whole time. At its easiest, some photo locations are right next to the mountain huts (rifugios). That’s a huge pay-off!

People in their 50’s have found this tour to be exciting and doable, and you will be given ample time to catch your breath. Isabella and Daniel don’t work out on a regular basis and nor should you for a workshop in the Dolomites.

Be aware that some trails require walking over patches of snow or climbing a steel ladder along a steep cliff. Please do not come on this trip when you are afraid of heights, have a heart condition, suffer from epilepsy or severe asthma or when you have a bad leg. This will hinder our ability to show you everything we have in store, but more importantly, it will jeopardize the positive experience of your fellow participants.

You don’t need climbing experience or gear, but we do recommend bringing trekking poles.

Indemnity Waiver

All participants are required to sign this standard document before the start of the tour. Find it here.

Daniel Laan ~ The Netherlands


Moody, ominous landscape photography is as much my passion as it is my career. For more than a decade now, I've had the mindset of developing a specific dark and moody style of photography that shows a part of myself through my images. I have a deep appreciation for the landscape, the weather and find something of beauty in trivial subjects.

With a degree in design and visual communication and over 15 years of experience in Photoshop, it's my goal to train you to look at the landscape differently. While explaining everything from pre-visualizing to exporting for the web or for print, we uncover a truth. That the stunning landscape of the Dolomites, isn't there to take home with you. The most important aspect is not to bag the best locations, but to appreciate your surroundings; to become aware of things that others walk straight by.

It is with this mindset that I will make you a better artist; and that is something you can take home with you.


Isabella Tabacchi ~ Italy


Photography came to Isabella as suddenly as it did passionately. She has always had a sensibility for natural environments. Exploring and studying the boundless scenery in the Alps, Dolomites and, more recently, the Lofoten and Canarian Islands, has yielded fantastic images. Her art truly comes alive after the post-processing phase, in which she emphasizes the drama of the natural elements through reliving the emotions she felt at the moment of capture.

Her works have reached massive popularity and critical acclaim. They were exhibited in Rome and Athens and published in online and print magazines like Landscape Photography Magazine, National Geographic, Practical Photography and Digital Photo SLR UK. She also won numerous prizes and we should mention a couple examples. In 2017, Isabella won 2nd prize and five honorable mentions in the Professional Landscapes category of the Monochrome Awards 2016. Recently, she won two honorable mentions in the International Photographer of the Year awards (IPA) and her unforgettable images were published in the Outdoor Photographer of the Year (OPOTY) Annual Book 2016.

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