Monumental Trees Video

Monumental Trees Video

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"Catch the Spirit" gives a behind-the-scenes view of my entire forest workflow for that dramatic, fantasy look of single trees.

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What’s Included?

  • This video contains more than 1,5 hours’ worth of processing, so my recommendation would be to watch it in two parts.

  • PSD-file (resized) of “Catch the Spirit” with every adjustment still present.

  • Read-me file linking to additional tools.

What Will I Learn?

This is my entire workflow for a Monumental Trees shot. Subjects covered: 

  • Simultaneous Raw pre-processing

  • Aligning and blending multiple exposures

  • Initial editing

  • Highlight recovery

  • Creative Controlled Warping

  • Cloning and sensor dust removal

  • Luminosity Processing

  • Fine tuning colour adjustments

  • Adding sunlight

  • Orton effect creation and control

  • Colour dodging

  • Final adjustments

  • 3-step sharpening for the web

  • High dynamic range halo reduction

  • Banding removal due to web compression

How do I Download the Video?

After you pay, you will download a document containing links to a secure download environment. The videos are very large files, so a stable connection is very important. Unzip the files and play the video in VLC player for the best viewing experience. Links are included in the documentation.