Glowing Mushroom Processing Video

Glowing Mushroom Processing Video


Mysterious glowing mushrooms of the Dark Forest. I’ll explain everything that is to know about these techniques.

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We’ll start with a single mushroom and illuminate it with LED. The challenge here is to combine exposures seamlessly. The second part is more complex. We take the same technique and apply it to multiple mushrooms in one frame.

What’s Included?

This package includes:

  • Part 1:  “A Trip to the Forest (raw only)” - Fully annotated.

  • Part 2:  “The Magic Mushroom (in full)” - Partly annotated.

  • In-depth article that discusses lighting, composition, and even finding mushrooms.

  • PSD-file (resized) of “The Magic Mushroom” with every adjustment still present

  • Read-me file linking to additional tools

  • Special attention goes out to get that dark mood that's so prevalent in any of my works.

This really is a complete tutorial and I trust this will get you to the next level in post-processing not just mushrooms, but many more landscape subjects as well.

What Will I Learn?

Two hours of video material, in which you will learn:

1 Preparing raw files
               - Perspective Alterations
               - Raw pre-sharpening
               - Getting the white-balance right
               - When to use the HSL sliders
               - Balancing Clarity, Dehaze and Contrast
               - The Smart Object Workflow
               - Raw Transformations
2 Merging multiple images
               - Aligning Layers
               - Blending Layers manually
3 Luminosity Selections (RGB Channels and Tony Kuyper’s luminosity masks)
               - Dodging
4 Raw adjustments with Smart Objects
5 Orton effect and detail recovery
6 Adding a Soft Glow and other light effects
7 Making the Image Sing in Camera Raw Filter
               - Shifting attention
               - Adding Light Effects
               - Sharpening
               -Altering the mood of an image
8 An introduction to Nik Color Efex
9 Cloning out Distractions
10 Handling difficult blends

All great tips and transparent captions in which I help to let you understand the reasoning behind the adjustments shown.

How do I Download the Video?

After you pay, you will download a document containing links to a secure download environment. The videos are very large files, so a stable connection is very important. Unzip the files and play the video in VLC player for the best viewing experience. Links are included in the documentation.


Notice: Watch me Edit!

These videos do not contain audible dialog. There are annotations to guide you through what you see me do, but there is no sound. The video is intended to be silent, so you can put some music on and let the creative juices flow. These videos are very competitively priced as a result.